Why FM 200 Is Quickly Accepted for Fire Suppression?

Published: 25th February 2011
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Fire one of the greatest discoveries of early man is a boon as well as bane. If fire is made in a controlled manner, it is a boon but when it gets out of control, it goes out of our hands and results in a fire accident. Uncontrollable fire can be controlled by FM200 and this knowledge can make us save data centers, historical monuments, technological centers etc. With the recent advancement in the field of fire extinguishing systems, a fire extinguishing media named Halon was introduced in this field. For many years, Halon enjoyed success but now a newer alternative FM 200, Fire suppression agent has taken over and has become equally popular.

The reason FM 200 is as popular as a fire extinguishing agent is because it can put out a fire in just 10 seconds and does not leave any residue unlike water or foam based fire extinguishers. Also, the fact that FM 200 is a clear odorless and colorless gas aids in the process of fire fighting because it does not stop people from viewing the affected area like the foams or carbon dioxide. Suppression complies with NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 criteria and the usage of this agent is safe and is zero in terms of ozone depletion.

Fire Suppression agent FM 200 is chemically known as heptafluoropropane (CF3CHFCF3) and is considered a clean gas as it does not leave any residue. It is preferred more than Halon because this agent does not react with electrical systems and is totally safe with electronics and electrical gadgets. It takes less space to store than inert gases because FM 200 gas can be liquefied and pressurized to store them in cylinders. It is a gas which does not react with anything and thus, is a perfectly safe option as a fire extinguishing agent when it comes to handling sensitive areas like data and technological centers or hospitals and offices.

Therefore, if you plan to work for a sensitive area like this, make sure that FM 200 is the fire fighting agent used.

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